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Test devices for testing cholesterol levels in whole blood, serum or plasma. For self-testing and professional use.


The Mission® Cholesterol Test Devices work with the Mission® Cholesterol Meter to measure the lipid concentration in whole blood, plasma and serum. For professional use or self-testing using fingertip blood. The 3-1 Lipid Panel is used to measure the concentrations of Total Cholesterol (CHOL), High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) and Triglycerides (TRIG). It is also used to calculate LDL, CHOL/HDL and CHD values. Note: CHD calculation function is only for professional use, refer to the User’s Manual included with the meter for detailed instructions.


Mission® Cholesterol Test Devices use a timed-endpoint method to measure the Total Cholesterol (CHOL)/High Density Lipoprotein (HDL)/Triglycerides (TRIG) concentrations in whole blood, serum or plasma. The concentration of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) is calculated by the values of CHOL, TRIG and HDL. The system monitors the change in absorbance at 635 nm at a fixed-time interval. The change in absorbance is directly proportional to the concentration of lipid in the specimen.

Allow the test device, specimen, and/or controls to reach operating temperature (15-40ºC) prior to testing. Refer to the User’s Manual included with the meter for detailed instructions.

1. Insert the code chip into the meter and code the meter correctly. Refer to Coding the Meter section in the User’s Manual for details. Compare the code number on the code chip with the code number printed on the test device canister or foil pouch and ensure the two numbers are identical to avoid inaccurate results.
2. Check that the specimen type displayed on the meter LCD is same as the specimen type tested. If not, set the correct specimen type. Refer to the User’s Manual for details.
3. Remove the test device from the test device canister or foil pouch.
4. Wait for the meter to flash the test device symbol. Insert the test device completely into the test device channel in the same direction as the arrows printed on the test device.
5. Prepare the specimen to be tested. For venous whole blood/plasma/serum specimens: mix the specimen for about 15 minutes. For capillary blood specimens: wipe away the first drop of blood. Collect 35μL (10μl for individual test) of the second or third drop of capillary blood specimen using a Capillary Transfer Tube or pipette. Refer to the User’s Manual for details. Hold the tube slightly downward and touch the tip of the Capillary Transfer Tube to the blood drop. Draw the specimen and stop drawing when the specimen comes to the fill line.
6. While the meter is flashing the blood drop symbol, apply 35ul (10ul for individual tests) specimen to the Specimen Application Area of the test device using a pipette or Capillary Transfer Tube. Align the tip of the pipette or Capillary Transfer Tube with the Specimen Application Area to apply the blood. 3 dashed lines will appear on the meter to show the test is in progress.
7. Read the results on the screen in 2 minutes. Refer to the User’s Manual for detailed test procedures.
Note: Use lancing device with sterile lancets for individual tests; use safety lancets for 3-1 test and individual tests. Avoid an environment with strong lighting during the test. Be sure the alcohol dries completely before pricking the finger. Hand lotions or creams on the finger should be cleaned enough before testing or the results of TRIG will be abnormally high. Excessively squeezing the finger may alter the results. For best results, fasting for at least 12 hours is recommended. Add 35μL (10μl for individual test) specimen to the test device at one time.


Cholesterol Management Software - 6.7MB
Windows 7 (32 bit / 64 bit), Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows XP (32 bit)

Cholesterol Management Software User’s Guide


Packaging with 5 test devices, 5 capillary trasfer tubes, 1 code chip, 1 device insert.


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