Meditate and have a healthier heart, have you tried it?

Published on 26/08/2018


Meditation and cardiovascular disease

Curves article reveals that there's a positive connection between heart health and meditation. There are lots of studies about how food and physical activity affect our health: our lifestyle determines our health, in particularly our heart health. It's important to know that also our mind has a great role in our wellness: so the AHA has decided to analyze the results of studies dedicated to the effects of different kind of sitting meditation on cardiovascular disease. Despite the results about the connection between meditation and heart health aren't as many as those gathered about lifestyle, and the role which play diet and sport in our lives, we can suggest that meditation may have health benefits in reducing risk of cardiovascular disease. This is a type of activity that hasn't particular risks in doing it and, mostly, has low costs: so there are many reasons to practice it regularly, making changes to our lifestyle and routine. There are not best or worst ways to doing meditation, everyone of us can explore own technique and preferences. There are group sessions or guided practice with a mobile application: the opportunities abound, so just find your own way!

From heart to heart

Curves suggests a kind of meditation, simple and home doing, dedicated to heart health, the theme is love.

Sit down on a blanket and stay comfortable, take both hands on your chest with shoulders and arms relaxed, close your eyes and keep the spine straight. With the mouth just ajar, inspire and breathe out, pay attention to the sound of your breathe and the heart beat under your hands. Breathe in from nose and breathe out from the mouth, repeat two of three times. When you are relaxed, inspire from the nose and repeat "I am" in your mind, while you breath out say in silence "loved". Keep repeating this "mantra" in your mind and follow your breathing to find a regular rhythm.

Starting with two minutes, at the beginning, then increase the time of each meditation session as you become familiar with this practice. So now just do it!

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