My son is schizophrenic, who will take care of him after me?

Published on 02/09/2018

schizophrenia and recovery

What is schizophrenia?

Not many times we can talk about psychological disease, but it's important to put the point on it. The Vanity Fair article gives us the opportunity to write about a delicate mental disease: schizophrenic disorder. But what is it? Schizophrenia is a chronic psychosis, characterized by the persistence of altered thinking, behavior and affectivity symptoms, from a course of more than six months, with strong maladjustment of the person which limits the normal activities of the person life.

Most common symptoms are auditory hallucinations, paranoid delusions and disorganized thoughts or discourses which affect social and professional patient life. Symptoms usually occur in adulthood, with a global one-time prevalence. Diagnosis is based on the patient's behavior observation and on the experiences reported by himself. Genetics, early environmental factors, psychological and social processes seem to contribute decisively to disease development. The intake of certain drugs seems to cause or worsen the symptoms.

Schizophrenic disease and medical assistance

In a letter to Vanity Fair editorial board R., mother of a schizophrenic patient, talks about how she has faced difficulties and psychiatric disease when she found that her son was sick. Since that time she wants that the right of health will be a priority over the right of care freedom. In a situation of bad depression and hospital admissions, she learned about ARAP from a friend, the Association for the Reform of Psychiatric Assistance. She had a precious support by other parents like her and managed to overcome difficult moments. But also to have more courage and be aware of the fact that her son has the right to be treated.

Their situation has improved: her son feels better but he's still at home with his mother because he doesn't want to live alone. His autonomy is still very compromised because the disease has become chronic. The question that troubles her is:"What will happen to him when I'm gone?". Talking about mental disease is very important and we have the courage to ask help: Take care of your mind!

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