A proper prevention is better than a good care: this is why PRIMA® Lab offers a wide range of devices for cardiovascular pathologies monitoring, prostatic ones, thyroid disease or deriving from specific bacteria difficult to eradicate, such as Clostridium tetani and Helicobacter pylori. Our Self Tests are studied and designed by a highly specialized Team, constantly looking for new tools for proper prevention. Prima Home Test allows you to monitor your health easily, quickly and effectively, ensuring reliable results in the privacy and tranquility of your home. Ready to use kit, to be performed on blood or urine, with results available in 5, 10 or 15 minutes, depending on the type of self test used. Choose what you need to control your health: hormone tests, urine toxicology, intimate and urinary infections, fertility tests, food intolerance test and celiac disease devices, pregnancy or ovulation tests and cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides control. Our evaluation devices are useful to test your health and consult a specialist if necessary, avoiding excessive waste of time, waiting and fear that often keep us away from medical facilities when we feel "healthy and fit". With Prima Home Test is possible to check your lipid panel periodically, ferritin reserves in blood, stomach health, urinary tract, kidney, thyroid, prostate and intestine health as well as the ovulatory cycle. Prevention is essential to live better and healthier.